Indonesian Shamanic Poppy Jasper Gemstone Amulet set in Silver Ring to empower Mind and Body with Vigor


Poppy jasper refers to the reddish, brecciated variant of jasper. This means that the gemstone is formed by sun-dried clay containing a high level of oxidized iron. Its orbicular pattern of red dots bears a striking resemblance to the poppy flower; hence the name “poppy jasper”. After badar besi, jasper is undoubtedly among the most popular mystical stones in Indonesia.

Javanese Jasper Amulet

The red variety of jasper is believed to have various magical powers, energizing both the gem and its wearer. For instance, Javanese shamans utilize the stone’s inherent mystical properties for the purpose of protection. Indeed, any amulet that is made of poppy jasper can protect the person wearing it from being victimized by malicious ghosts and demons. In addition, it is said, that, when the ring is worn on the right hand, one minimizes the chances of getting bitten by poisonous animals and insects.

Red Jasper Ring Talisman

Also, owing to the sacred crystal’s natural healing benefits, poppy jasper can boost one’s stamina, empowering both mind and body with vigor, so that one will be free from torpor and drowsiness. Lastly, the talisman is infused with metaphysical energy by means of Javanese shamanic incantations. As a result of this additional blessing, the mystical object has the ability to enrich one’s life with a prosperous business and family life.

Sacred Jasper Gem from Indonesia

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