Indonesian Shamanic Cloth featuring Mythical Garuda Bird and Tiger in Combination with Ancient Islamic Mystical Incantations


Indonesian shamanic tradition is syncretic in nature, not only in its origin but also in its beliefs. Therefore one can find a considerably rich diversity of mystical teachings in Indonesian shamanism. In this context, the ancient Javanese animist belief system (Kejawen) seems to go hand in hand with contemporary Islamic mysticism (i.e. Sufism; Kebatinan). This becomes evident when we examine the pictorial images on the sacred cloth, featuring a rather impressively wide variety of magic spells and occult signs. The shamanic cloth can be considered something very special indeed, because this talisman features a unique combination of traditional Indonesian symbols (such as the mythical bird Garuḍa and the tiger) and Islamic magical spells written in the Arabic script.

Indonesian Shaman Cloth

A blessing ceremony was performed by a reputable dukun of Banten Province in West Java, who imbued the sacred cloth with effective powers. Beside being an adept in ritual magic and the occult, the dukun is said to be a true master of metaphysical sciences. Thus, this talisman is ritually empowered according proper consecration method of Indonesian Islamic magic, including ancient occult incantations of Solomonic magic. Furthermore, its aesthetic design is full of artistic splendor, characterized by an extraordinary level of quality and detail.

Indonesian Shamanistic Cloth

Based on these outstanding properties the use of this high-end mystical object serves multiple purposes. It contains mystical properties which can help attract good luck and repel evil. Due to the powerful protection spells, the sacred cloth can thereby effectively help prevent residential burglary, robbery and theft. Its magical quality of protection can be applied to residential as well as commercial property. Occultists and mystics, however, will find the shamanic cloth particularly useful for their practice of ritual magic. Hence, with this sacred item in one’s possession, one will be able to take proactive measures against black magic, so that one will be safe from danger and evil spirits or jinn.

Indonesian Shaman's Cloth

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