Indonesian Mustika Ring with Mysterious Pangeran Image Manifested in Agate Gem


Indonesian agate has a rich history of divinely revealed images within its natural veining, inclusions and markings. Such mysterious images as the face of a human or animal, or pictures of a landscape, have manifested themselves in these natural works of art, which subsist in several different places across the Indonesian archipelago. Due to the extraordinary banded patterns these particular gemstones are ranked among the most remarkable agates in the world. The natural inclusions of this particular picture agate formed in such a way as to create a well-defined image, namely that of a pangeran; i.e. a traditional Indonesian monarch with the title of a prince.

Indonesian Mustika Ring with Mysterious Pangerang Image

This agate is a treasured stone among gemstone lapidaries, because its featured image has a very natural, life-like, and picturesque appearance. Not surprisingly, the naturally formed depictions in this banded variety of chalcedony are favored by many, making Indonesian agate the gemstone of choice for collectors of mystical stones, mustika gems, healing crystals, metaphysical rocks, and alchemical minerals. It is a very popular semi-precious stone, not in the least due to the various mystical and healing properties attributed to agate.

Mustika Ring with Divinely Revealed Pangeran Image within Agate Gem

Agate is also categorized as a translucent variety of microcrystalline quartz, allowing light to pass through, but not detailed images. Thus, when light is shone on the bottom of the stone it creates a semi-transparent image, as can be seen in the detailed picture below.

Indonesian Picture Agate with Semi-transparent Image of a Pangeran Face

Also, given the fact that agates take fifty million years to form, this means that the ancient mineral substance is a source of potent metaphysical energies from a distant past. And so, nature itself has been sanctifying the gemstone since the remote past, thereby turning it into a powerful mustika. Furthermore, since the natural growth process of agate takes millions of years, it is perhaps not surprising that agate is associated with noble virtues such as endurance, patience, persistence, and perseverance. Hence the mysterious manifestation of the pangeran‘s face in the mustika is believed to empower the wearer of the ring with various blessings, including the magical ability to become an influential speaker, a successful business man or woman, and a charismatic leader. The ring, therefore, can be worn to enhance concentration and stamina in order to achieve success in one’s endeavors.

Agate Gem with Royal Pangeran Image Manifested in its Natural Veining

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