Indonesian Muslim Driver’s Taweez preventing Theft and Car Crashes


For most people a car is their vehicle of choice when it comes to everday travel and logistics. Indeed, both for work and play many people depend on their car for daily transportation. And so, unforeseen circumstances like car theft or a traffic accident can have very undesirable consequences in our personal and professional life. Of course, living in a big city only increases the risk of running into car-related issues (e.g., speeding ticket, parking fine, damage), but if one has a job there, then one needs to be extra cautious.

Banten Traffic Taweez

This genuine Indonesian Islamic taweez is designed specifically with such people in mind. A threefold set of numerical spells in Arabic are featured on the rear face of the talisman. Each of the three geometric squares is aimed at a different area in life, namely: (1) prevention of car theft; (2) evasion of danger in traffic; and (3) improvement of charismatic appearance. This means, that, besides protecting the driver against theft and crashes, the amulet also helps enhance the appearance of one’s vehicle in the eyes of others, thereby contributing to one’s charisma.

Magical Islamic Car Protection Talisman

If the owner needs to leave a good impression everywhere s/he travels to for work or pleasure, be it a business meeting or a personal appointment, then this mystical item will surely bring him/her impressive results. Since the practical function of the taweez‘s magical powers are centered around vehicles, it is therefore advised to place the blessed object in one’s car. Or, one could attach it to the car keys (or keychain), using a small metal ring to connect them through the loop at the top of the locket.

Indonesian Car Crash Prevention Amulet

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