Indonesian Keris Pocket Talisman wielding Magical Powers to Achieve Prosperity and Successful Social Status


The keris is one of the key aspects of traditional Indonesian culture. With its distinctive characteristic design the keris is typically valued for its diversity in symbolism. And so, the interpretation of the keris is inseparable from local customs and ancient traditions. Thus, the keris was officially recognized as an intangible socio-cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2006. In this context the word ‘intangible’ refers to the mystical qualities associated with the keris, for indeed, Indonesians generally ascribe various kinds of supernatural powers to this heirloom.

Small Indonesian Keris Talisman

As a spiritual object, the keris is believed to possess magical powers. This particular talisman, then, is endowed with sacred blessings which will bring the owner prosperity in the sense of good fortune and successful social status. The blade of the keris talisman features the distinctive pattern of seven waves, which stands for influential authority, and is considered useful for developing leadership skills and knowledge. Hence, the talisman can contribute to improved professional performance.

Sacred Indonesian Keris Talisman

In addition, there are magical Arabic spells embossed on each side of the blade as well as on the exterior surface of the sheath, which both are made from sacred brass. Beside powerful anti-black magic spells, the sacred Islamic formulas also possess magical powers which serve as an effective means of protection from danger in general. And lastly, due to the small size and light weight of the talisman, it is therefore particularly suitable for carrying it along in one’s pocket, wallet, bag, etc.

Indonesian Keris Talisman from Sacred Brass

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