Indonesian Islamic Talisman Endowed with Powerful Blessings for Protection and Prosperity


This Indonesian talisman is made by a revered Islamic mystic from Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia. It is blessed and empowered according authentic Islamic consecration methods. Both sides of the talisman feature sacred Islamic spells, which serve to induce powerful blessings of protection and prosperity.

Indonesian Islamic Talisman

The Islamic mystic further enhanced the magic power of the talisman through recitation of several holy verses from the Qur’ān. Yet he focused on one verse in particular, namely Surat ‘Āli ‘Imrān (‘Family of Imran’). Thus, it is recommended to frequently recite this particular surat, for it is believed that this will increase the power of this Indonesian talisman.

Close up of Indonesian Islamic talisman

In this way, the owner of the Islamic talisman will always be protected from the evil shaitans (devils) and malevolent jinns (spirits). Similarly, wearing this Islamic talisman will help one to stay safe from danger and harmful situations. It is, therefore, especially useful for protection against black magic. However, the Indonesian Islamic talisman can also be used to increase one’s wealth and riches. For instance, one can place the talisman in one’s place of business (office, store, etc.) to increase sales, and to persuade potential customers/clients.

Indonesian Islamic Talisman

When one often recites holy verses and regularly performs prayer, then this creates a unique opportunity to request specific blessings, i.e. prosperity. Hence, sincerity in worship and prayer will bring the faithful believer great success in business and commerce.

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