Indonesian Islamic Prayer Rug made from a Whole Javan Deerskin


A sajjāda, or prayer rug, is widely used among Muslims from all over the world. Since Islamic prayers ought to be performed in a place or area that is clean, Muslims often use a prayer mat for that particular purpose. In this way, a Muslim’s bows, kneelings and prostrations can be performed on a clean surface on the floor. The ritual prayers, of course, are performed with one’s head facing the direction of the Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The Javan deerskin, therefore, should be laid on the ground with the top pointing towards the direction of the Ka’bah, the most sacred site in Islam.

Whole Javan Deerskin Talisman

The Indonesian Islamic prayer rug is made by the hands of a well-respected senior Muslim master, who is regarded by the laity as one of the powerful dukuns in Indonesia today. Obviously, we are talking about the venerated Mbah Joyo from Central-Java. Mbah Joyo’s status as a true Islamic mystic is perhaps not surprising when we realize that ll of his amulets and talismans are carefully constructed using ancient sacred formulas of Indonesian Islamic magic.

Whole Javan Deerskin Amulet

Hence, through the magical power of the Islamic spells and incantations performed by the dukun, the owner of the prayer rug has a powerful amulet in his or her possession by which s/he can ask for blessings to have one’s wishes fulfilled. As such, the Javan deerskin can be used for the purpose of love and attraction, good luck and fortune, protection, professional success, etc. This is, therefore, an incredibly rare opportunity to obtain a true mystical object of tremendously sacred value.

Javanese Dukun named Mbah Joyo

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