Indonesian Garuda Claw Ring with an Empowered Agate Stone to promote Resourcefulness


Apart from a dukun‘s psychic abilities, occultic powers can also be found in nature and the elements. Many types of crystals and gemstones occur naturally in many places in Indonesia. Indeed, thanks to a large number of volcanoes, the geological conditions of the archipelago make it possible for minerals to transform into precious and semi-precious stones. Thus, volcanic rocks can become agatized, forming a distinct banded-pattern of quartz layers. These so-called banded agate gems are valued for their warm color, varying from deep red to light-orange, respectively.

Indonesian Agate Gemstone Talisman

Furthermore, when such agates are worn as ornaments the stones’ color matches perfectly with that of any precious metal ring or pendant, whether it be gold or silver, or a combination of both. This particular ring, however, has a traditional Indonesian design, which represents the claw of the mythical garuḍa bird holding the gemstone. By clasping the agate the mythological phoenix guards this sacred treasury well. Therefore, this ring also symbolizes the spirit of the national emblem of Indonesia; i.e., the garuḍa.

Genuine Banded Agate Amulet

Yet there is more to the amulet, for when the mystical stone is worn on one’s hand it automatically activates the magical power of the master’s spiritual blessings that are imbued within the agate. By tapping into the stone’s esoteric energies, the wearer will then be able to use the talismanic ring to bring about a positive change in his or her life, so that s/he can generate the causes for becoming happy, confident, charismatic, and resourceful in friendships, relationships, and careers.

Sacred Agate Stone Amulet

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