Indonesian Esoteric Locket for Improvement of Horoscope and Astrological Alignments


Indonesian esotericism is the metaphysical point of unity where spiritual teachings and ritual magic are believed to converge. Hence, Indonesia is the cradle of great guru masters specialized in the occult art of making mystical objects. Perhaps the most powerful of all are the Islamic mystical masters from Banten Province in West Java. This esoteric locket is the latest amulet released by the Banten occultists. The locket has been consecrated to help people turn their luck around through boosting improvement of their horoscope and astrological alignments.

Indonesian Esoteric Locket

The consecration ritual of the locket was performed just before the commencing of each of the five daily prayers on Fridays at the mosque. This is believed to be the most auspicious time because prior to the ritual prayers the angels will descend from the heavens to join humans in worship to God. Various Islamic incantations and magic spells in Arabic were cast to invite the angels in order to imbue the amulet with divine blessings. In addition, multiple sacred objects featuring handwritten formulas of traditional Indonesian Islamic magic are inserted to the locket.

Indonesian Esoteric Locket for Improvement of Horoscope

Due to the potential power of the mystical properties endowed within the esoteric locket, this Indonesian amulet serves as an effective means to help turning the odds in favor of an astrological event occurring in the course of one’s horoscope. Thus, inauspicious astrological energies can be diverted using the esoteric locket. Furthermore, this powerful amulet possesses magical qualities which attract good luck and fortune, thereby gearing one’s fate toward a positive direction.

Indonesian Esoteric Locket for Improvement of Horoscope and Astrological Alignments

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