Indonesian Amulet Vial containing Fragrant Sandalwood Essential Oil for Aura Healing and Pusaka Cleaning


The Indonesian amulet vial contains 10 ml of fragrant sandalwood essential oil. The oil has been extracted from the aromatic wood of East Indian sandalwood (Lat. Santalum album) trees in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. The heartwood of this particular species is white (hence album). The use of sandalwood is recorded in ancient Indian literature, such as the Āyurveda and the Buddhist Pāli Canon. It is also used in the Sufi tradition and the Zoroastrian community. Likewise, Indonesian culture places great significance on its fragrant and medicinal qualities.

Fragrant Sandalwood Essential Oil

The aromatic liquid derived from sandalwood is considered one of the most suitable oils for ritual cleaning of pusaka (heirloom) blades. Unlike most synthetic fragrances that normally lose their aroma within a few months, the smooth precious-wood scent of natural sandalwood will remain fragrant even after years. Therefore it is not surprising that Indonesian shamans (dukun) often use this particular type of magical oil for ritual offerings and other occult rites of worship.

Indonesian Sandalwood Essential Oil

However, it is not just shamans, occultists and sorcerers who can use this Indonesian amulet, for indeed, it can be used by lay people too. The oil is particularly effective for developing one’s spiritual practice through meditation and prayer. Moreover, due to its inherent mystical properties the oil can be used to transfer fresh vital energy (prana) to specific body parts, thereby making it a most powerful amulet for aura healing. Similarly, sandalwood essential oil offers many benefits for reiki practitioners.

Fragrant Sandal Wood Oil from Indonesia

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