Indonesian Amulet consecrated through Ritual Invocation of the Holy Names of the 313 Messengers of God


In the ḥadīth (reports of the deeds and sayings of the Prophet Muḥammad) it is stated that Allāh sent 24.000 prophets and 313 messengers on earth to mankind and the jinn (spirits). Though the exact number remains a topic of debate, Islamic scholars generally agree that Nūḥ (Noah) was the very first messenger God sent to man. The last messenger, then, is believed to be the Islamic Prophet Muḥammad.

Amulet with 313 Names of Prophet Mohammed

In Islamic tradition, a messenger is one who is sent by God to instruct man to adhere to the proper moral code and religious law. A prophet, however, is one who has been chosen by God to follow and convey the proper religious laws that were revealed to the previous messenger. In this way, then, every messenger can be considered a prophet, though not every prophet is a messenger.

Rear face of amulet with 313 Names of Prophet Muhammad

The amulet is made and blessed according the ancient consecration method of aš-Šayḥ Nawawi al-Bantani (1813–1897), a great Indonesian Sufi master from Banten Province in West Java. This means that the amulet is consecrated through ritual invocation of the holy names of the 313 messengers in order to empower the talisman with the extraordinary qualities of authentic Islamic magic. Thus, it is believed, that whoever keeps this talisman and praises the messengers, s/he will be granted auspicious blessings of protection, welfare and wealth.

Close up of Amulet with 313 names of the Prophet Mohammad

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