Indo-Malay Magic Talisman Necklace containing Occult Scroll inscribed with Sacred Lettering


The Indo-Malay archipelago is often cited as one of the most mystical cultures in Southeast Asia. The Indo-Malayan mystical tradition has remained relatively unchanged for centuries, giving Indonesians access to grimoires from early times. Not only have these ancient teachings been well preserved but also they are still being practised in their original form to this very day. Thus, authentic amulets and talismans are still being made and empowered according ancient tradition in Indonesia today.

Indo-Malay Talisman

The magic talisman is made from sacred brass. Due to its practical cylinder shape the talisman serves very well as a pendant, using a thread in order to wear it as a necklace. Inside the amulet, however, there is another mystical object concealed. It contains an occult scroll inscribed with sacred Arabic lettering. This additional magic item is made from sacred brass as well. Hence, the mystical power of the Islamic spells permeates the Indo-Malay magic talisman necklace.

Indo-Malay Talisman Necklace

This particular amulet is suitable for both men and women. It can be used for a broad range of purposes, though it serves primarily as means to attract blessings of good luck and fortune. In addition, due to the ritual consecration, the amulet is endowed with auspicious qualities which induce mercy and compassion. In this way, the wearer will meet with kind and generous people, enjoying social interaction. To a greater extent, this allows the wearer to stay safe from various kinds of danger, and find help readily available, if needed. Likewise, the Indo-Malay talisman also offers the wearer protection against black magic and other forms of evil.

Indo-Malay Talisman Pendant

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