Indigenous Sundanese Shamanic Jasper Amulet in Handmade Silver Pendant with Dhemit Spirit Attached


The elegant, oblong-shaped gemstone is set in a handmade silver pendant. It is a genuine Indonesian jasper stone from Garut, West Java. The valley of Garut Regency is inextricably linked to indigenous Sundanese shamanism, for indeed, its soil is considered sacred by the adherents of the local Sunda Wiwitan belief system. Also, the volcanoes surrounding the valley are said to be the dwelling place of dhêmit nature spirits.

Spirit-bound Jasper Pendant

Access to the holy mountainous sites covering the area is restricted to the public. Officially, only the ordained shaman priests of the Baduy tribe are allowed to enter. In this way, the authenticity of the mystical tradition has been preserved for many centuries. Consequently, the spiritual elders – on behalf of the entire community – still maintain a very close relationship with nature and its ethereal inhabitants (i.e., nature spirits) today.

Jasper Amulet inhabited by a Nature Spirit

Owing to the shamanic Sundanese rites, the pendant has been turned into a powerful dhêmit spirit-bound amulet. Moreover, due to the versatility of the empowerment, the talisman can be worn by both men and women. Thus, whether one is hetero-, bi-, or even transsexual, the inhabiting spirit is always there to shield the owner from extraneous dangers. However, the dhêmit also helps the wearer money wise, attracting good opportunities in terms of sustainable welfare. In addition to financial benefits, the jasper gemstone is capable of bringing success in love and attraction, too.

Indonesian Demit Spirit Jasper Gemstone

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