Indigenous Javanese Amulet with Handwritten Islamic Spells for Love and Charisma


This traditional Islamic amulet is made and blessed by a local dukun from East Java, Indonesia. It was made on the most auspicious occasion of a full moon (‘bulan pernama’) during the sacred month of Ramadhan in 1433 H (2012 CE). On this special occasion, the dukun performed an extensive consecration ritual according ancient tradition.

Javanese Islamic Talisman

Prior to the performance of the ritual, the dukun abstained from eating, drinking and sleeping for twenty-four hours whilst meditating in a dark room. Next, he prepared traditional offerings (‘sajen’), while chanting Javanese mantras and Islamic spells. In the final stage of the consecration process, he then performed handwritten Arabic spells on the piece of cloth to seal the magic contained within the amulet.

Javanese Islamic Talisman - rear face

The front side of the amulet features handwritten Arabic letterings, whereas on the rear face it has a geometric symbolic design of Arabic numbers. This set of numbers is based on the astrological alignment which occurred at the time of consecration. The combination of these Islamic spells and Arabic numbers induces great mercy (raḥma), compassion (raḥīm), and loving kindness (karunia). In addition to these powerful blessings, the amulet is endowed with mystical powers to attract attention from people of the opposite sex, which serves to increase the chances of success in one’s love affaires. In general, this Javanese amulet can thus be used to improve one’s social as well as professional relationships through the power of increased charisma.

Javanese Islamic Talisman - side view

Due to its relatively compact size, one can easily carry and bring along the amulet when going out and about. It is possible, for example, to place the amulet in one’s pocket (shirt, jacket, trousers, etc.), wallet, or simply put it in a bag or case. However, it is also possible to keep the amulet at home and store it in a specific place (altar, shrine, etc.). This will improve the harmony and peace in the household. Or, in case one rather stores the amulet in one’s place of business (office, shop, etc.), then this will help to attract more customers and to increase sales.

Close up of Javanese Islamic Talisman

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