Inconspicuous Attraction Locket featuring Concealed Love Spells to Fulfill the Yearning Desire for Intimacy and Passion


Usually, lockets are covered in written magical spells or other forms of sacred lettering. Though incredibly beautiful and pleasing to the eye, this particular form of decoration often has a much deeper meaning to it, and, indeed, serves a higher purpose, for such forms of decoration represent ancient mantras and traditional occult incantations. Consequently, amulets and talismans of this kind can sometimes lead to misunderstanding in the eyes of others who are unfamiliar with the practical use and the real meaning of mystical objects. For instance, among orthodox Muslims the use of so-called taweez is usually condemned as heresy, and it is not seldom the case that wearing talismans thus incurred a social stigma.

Concealed Locket featuring Occult Love Spells

Some people argue that wearing amulets is at odds with orthodox Islamic beliefs, whereas others simply misinterpret the meaning of the symbols and spells depicted on such items, wrongly assuming that they invoke the evil eye or other dark forces. And then there still others who have more moderate reasons to discourage public display of amulets and talismans featuring ancient lettering in the Arabic script, namely to conceal the holy items in order to hide them from the targeted person. Especially when using an attraction charm or love spell, one would want to avoid raising any suspicion of using magic on the person who you wish to enchant. Indeed, when the targeted person finds out that you are trying to gain his or her love by means of an amulet which is empowered with enchantment magic, then the desired results may never come.

Concealed Locket featuring Indonesian Occult Love Spells

Therefore, this authentic Indonesian occult locket only features powerful spells written on the inside of the genuine Javan deerskin from which the amulet has been made. Both the front and rear face of the locket has been left completely blank, thereby avoiding unwanted attention from others who otherwise might misjudge you when they see you wearing something which is regarded as highly controversial in their eyes. Moreover, due to the inconspicuousness of the design, one can thus wear or carry the locket while it remains completely unnoticeable to others. Hence, the concealed locket is specially designed for those who like to wear their amulets and talismans in an unobtrusive manner.

Concealed Locket featuring Indonesian Occult Spells

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