Holy Prayer Water


This bottle of holy prayer water is produced by CV. Puri Tir Martani in Bantul, near Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia. The bottle contains purified water that has been filtered using a water purification technique called reverse osmosis. Also, UV and BioResonance laser techniques are used to maximize the purity and to vivify the drinking water through which the body can be energized directly.

If examined under a microscope, one will see that the structured water contains hexagonal snowflake-like crystals. It is said, that this miraculous transformation of the molecular structure is the result of the ritual empowerment performed by the Catholic priest of Puri Brata, Romo Rohardi. Hence, through the power of continuous prayer, divine blessings are bestowed onto the holy water. One can thus use the holy prayer water for improving one’s physical health, to cure from a disease, virus or illness. It is, however, also possible to used the holy water for ritual purposes, i.e. to spray onto sacred objects, etc. The bottle is sealed, and best used before 19/04/2014.

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