Holy Pilgrimage Cloth with Magic Incantations written in Sacred Saffron Ink for achieving Success in Intellectual and Spiritual Pursuits


The Hajj (Arabic: Ḥaǧǧ) or pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca is considered a sacred ritual by Muslims. Apart from the physical journey, the Islamic pilgrimage first and foremost is a spiritual quest. For this reason, the sacred ritual of the pilgrimage ought to be performed in a spiritual state of mind called ‘iḥrām’. Whilst dwelling in the state of iḥrām, the pilgrim directs the mind toward total and complete submission to God. This ritual act of devotion to God is performed while wearing iḥrām clothing, a white, seamless garment symbolizing the ritual purity of the pilgrim. Due to the dukun‘s exalted state of mind during the time he spent in Mecca, the holy pilgrimage cloth thereby got imbued with profound spiritual powers, making it the perfect material for this sacred cloth talisman.

Holy Pilgrimage Cloth for Achieving Success in Intellectual Pursuits

Next, after the dukun had completed his pilgrimage and returned safely to his home in Indonesia, the holy pilgrimage cloth was given an additional empowerment, using pure saffron ink to write down various mystical spells on the sacred cloth. Hence, the dukun‘s iḥrām cloth is endowed with mystical properties aimed at helping the owner (of the talisman) to succeed in his or her intellectual and academic pursuits. Through the magic power of this talisman it thus becomes possible to enhance one’s learning ability and can even improve one’s study results. This means that the sacred cloth can be used for the purpose of passing an important exam, as well as achieving professional and business goals.

Holy Pilgrimage Cloth for Achieving Success in Professional Areas of Life

Since the consecrated cloth is blessed with Islamic incantations aimed to improve one’s concentration level, focus and memory, this talisman therefore is also particularly useful for spiritual pursuits. Indeed, the holy pilgrimage cloth comes in handy in meditation practice, prayer and other acts of ritual worship (e.g. chanting hymns and reciting sacred texts). In this way, then, the ritually empowered iḥrām cloth has a lot of potential in regard to personal benefit and spiritual growth.

Holy Pilgrimage Cloth for Achieving Professional and Business Goals

To use this talisman, one should prepare a bowl of plain water, and add a few drops of mystical oil and some fragrant flowers (preferably white jasmine) to it. Then, the cloth is immersed in to the bowl and left in there for the night to absorb the various mystical properties contained within the talisman. On the next evening, at midnight, one should take the cloth from the bowl and use it for ritual bathing. Please make sure to perform ablution before proceeding to the ritual bathing. Next, whilst ritually bathing oneself (by washing your body from the top down) with the cloth, visualize the goal of one’s wish(es) to be fulfilled.

Ihram cloth

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