Holy Gaharu Wooden Amulet Filled with Sacred Herbs


A rare and unique Indonesian amulet hand carved from holy Gaharu wood. The amulet has been made and consecrated by an Islamic master from Martapura in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Martapura is widely known for its Islamic pesantren schools. Indeed, Martapura brings forth many great Islamic santri scholars, whose piety is reflected in the traditional white Muslim garment they wear.

A rare and unique Indonesian amulet hand-carved from holy Gaharu wood

Although there is a metal ring made from tin attached to the top of the holy Gaharu wooden piece, yet this does not necessarily mean that the amulet is for purpose of wearing only; it is also possible to place the amulet in one’s home or place of business (store, office, etc.). However, it is not permissible to place the amulet on the ground, nor is it allowed to step on this sacred item. If one prefers to wear the amulet, one should always wear it above waist level; meaning, it can be hung on a necklace, or placed inside the pocket of one’s shirt. Furthermore, it is not allowed to bring the amulet with you when visiting the toilet or bathroom.

Islamic talisman from Indonesia

It is said, that the holy Gaharu wooden amulet brings wealth and prosperity, which is why it is a preferable talisman of businessmen, salesmen, traders, merchants, and shopkeepers. Moreover, the holy Gaharu wood is stuffed with sacred herbs to charm one’s speech, and thus one’s influential words will attract more customers and clients. Also, the wearer of this talisman will enjoy an enhancement of his or her charisma, which ultimately leads to a higher social status and more success in business.

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