High-grade Turkish Saffron Oil for Increasing Intimacy and Passion


A small sealed bottle containing Turkish saffron oil of the highest quality. The essential plant oil is extracted from 100% pure and natural saffron flowers from Istanbul. Due to its high grade of purity the oil has an extremely dense structure. This results in a sticky residue of pure saffron flower oil.

Saffron Oil Amulet

Saffron oil is widely praised for its mystical properties which can help increase stamina and induce passion. The intrinsic scent of natural saffron flowers has an irresistible effect indeed. In this way, then, the saffron oil can be used to attract attention from the opposite sex. The fresh fragrance of Turkish saffron oil serves particularly well when used as a love charm. Moreover, saffron is believed to increase intimacy and passion, which is why Indonesians often like to keep a bottle of high quality saffron oil in the bedroom. Hence, Turkish saffron oil is the number one choice for those who seek to enhance sensual pleasure and sexual excitement.

Turkish Saffron Oil Talisman

However, Turkish saffron oil is more than just a magic love potion. The delicate aroma of saffron oil serves not merely worldly purposes (love, romance, sex, etc.), for it holds spiritual value as well. Dukuns and Indonesian mystics alike use saffron oil for cleansing and (re-)vitalizing one’s aura. Furthermore, the smooth aroma has a calming effect on the mind, which is also the reason why saffron oil often is used for improvement of one’s meditation practice and ritual prayer.

Close up of Turkish Saffron Oil bottle

Also, saffron oil is used by many traditional Indonesian shamans and mystics to consecrate mystical items such as amulets and talismans. Usually, they use it to bless and empower a sacred object by anointing it with saffron oil. It is said, that the soothing aroma of pure saffron oil pleases benevolent spiritual beings (‘makhluk halus’) of the higher celestial realms where the jinns and celestial dewa gods reside. And so, through preparing one’s ritual offerings with saffron oil one can ask the angelic beings to bestow their blessings upon you, or request them to grant you you heartfelt wish(es).

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