High-Grade Mystical Black Oil from Istanbul


A Javanese dukun from Mojokerto in East Java brought this luxurious black oil with him during one of his recent visits to Turkey. Indeed, the outstanding quality of the extremely high-grade purity and density of this mystical black fluid is seldom found. Not often does one get the chance to get hold of such an exclusive oil that can be considered to be of the highest standard. Thus, the mystical dark oil is widely praised by shamans and mystics from Asia and the Middle East for its highly effective powers of ritual magic.

Mystical Black Oil from Turkey

The mystical black oil is extracted from a mixture of various sacred ingredients, such as natural healing herbs, fragrant flowers, and resin from a holy tree inhabited by a khodam spirit. The mixture is made according proper tradition, using ancient formulas and magic spells to consecrate the mystical black oil. And as such, this mystical oil therefore already can be considered quite rare and unique in its own right. Yet given the fact that, when he returned home from Turkey, the Javanese dukun performed another empowerment of the oil, the mystical dark fluid is thereby endowed with tremendously powerful blessings.

Close up of Mystical Black Oil from Turkey

Hence, the high-grade mystical black oil serves multiple purposes, varying from explicit ritual magic to more common use for achievement of worldly goals in general. For instance, a mystically and/or spiritually oriented person may want to use this oil to enhance one’s spiritual practice through acts of devotion and ritual worship (e.g., using the oil for ritual offerings), or to improve one’s meditation practice. Similarly, Indonesian dukuns often use mystical black oil in their ritual consecration methods of sacred objects by anointing a few drops of oil on the items they bless.

Mystical Black Oil from Istanbul

Though it is, of course, also possible to use the mystical black oil for instantaneous gains. This can be done, for example, when a person strives for worldly success and material wealth. S/he may thus want to use a powerful magic item such as this oil to deliver him or her instant results. Indonesians therefore frequently like to use mystical oils to help them get what they want in life. As a result, it is generally believed, that this mystical black oil can help one to get rich and wealthy, and to become successful in life.

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