Heart-shaped Locket endowed with Blessings of Love and Protection for One’s Children


The heart-shaped locket is an authentic Islamic taweez made by the Muslim masters of Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia. Due to its small size, the talisman is ideal for little children to wear when they are away from home during the day. Thus, the Banten mystics designed this particular locket to offer their followers’ children additional protection. In this way, then, the heart-shaped locket will help to keep one’s children safe from danger.

Heart-shaped locket for children

Furthermore, the talisman is endowed with mystical properties of love and affection. This means, that one’s child feels more secure when s/he is wearing the talisman, because wherever the child may go, s/he will always be surrounded by good-hearted people. Hence, the powerful blessings of the Banten masters are aimed at creating an auspicious environment as a means of safeguarding children.

Heart-shaped locket for children - close up

Also, the heart-shaped locket can be used for the purpose of recollection, i.e. to be mindful of God’s love and protection. For this reason, an Indonesian taweez of this kind can instill unwavering faith in the guidance of the Almighty. This, of course, makes the talisman an invaluable mystical object for strengthening a child’s belief in God’s mercy. Indeed, remembrance of God’s compassion is the true purpose of any genuine Islamic taweez. The heart-shaped locket is therefore highly recommended for children.

Heart-shaped locket for children

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