Handmade Taweez with Magical Ability to Build Trust, Credibility, and Respect


Handmade amulets and talismans are becoming ever rarer in contemporary mystical tradition. In fact, very few masters in today’s occult scene still follow the traditional ways of authentic ritual magic. Yet in Indonesia today there are still true magicians active who produce and consecrate amulets according proper method of olden times. It can thus be considered a rare opportunity to get hold of genuine taweez made by the hands of a realized master of Indonesian mysticism.

Handmade Taweez

At first sight the amulet looks very plain and simple in regard to its physical features, though the effort put into constructing this taweez requires extraordinary skill and precision. Furthermore, a consecration ritual was performed in order to bless this mystical object with profound spiritual power. Hence, it possesses the magical ability to help the wearer build trust, credibility, and respect. Due to the inherent mystical properties the taweez can be used in both social as well as professional environment.

Indonesian Handmade Taweez

For practical purposes, a black cord is sewn to the amulet so that it can be worn around the neck. It is, however, not strictly necessary to wear the taweez as a necklace in order to be able to benefit from its powers. Indeed, it is also possible to carry the amulet in one’s pocket, wallet, purse, bag, etc. Either way, the talisman will continue to do its work on its own accord, namely to enhance one’s charisma and leadership, boosting one’s level of confidence and integrity, and building trust with others. Likewise, people will start to recognize your valuable efforts and meaningful contribution in general, which eventually will make them admire and respect you for who you are and for the things you do.

Handmade Taweez made from Sacred Cloth

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