Hand Carved Black Nephrite Jadeite Pendant of a Crouching Tiger with an Aura of Invincibility


On the front of the pendant there is the hand carved image of a crouching tiger, which has been inspired by the ancient Chinese-Indonesian art of the kraton (royal palace) of Cirebon. The tiger is depicted in a position where its knees are bent and the upperbody is brought forward and down. The animal adopts this position in order to avoid detection or to defend itself. The crouching movement thus represents the tiger’s innate ability to resist an attack made on him by other predators. This enables him not only to protect himself from harm, but it also makes it possible for him to continue hunting on his prey in silence.

Hand-carved Black Crouching Tiger Jade Pendant

The Javanese shamanic sorcerer’s Chinese ancestry allowed him to combine occult elements of both traditions. In doing so, he consecrated the amulet with several magical qualities that are associated with the tiger. Through the recitation of a powerful spell (given below) the dukun was able to make a truly effective mystical item out of the jadeite pendant. This allows one to wear it as talisman for personal safety, as it gives off an aura invincibility which can overcome dangerous threats of various kinds, including verbal, physical, and even mental abuse. Furthermore, the dukun‘s blessing also helps one develop active skills to be able to defend oneself against any form of injustice which other people might want to impose upon you.

Magical Buddhist Tiger Amulet to Defend Oneself

Mantra for Black Nephrite Jadeite Tiger Pendant

Ya jabarut petak gelap saketi (9x)

Jadeite Tiger Pendant to Avoid Detection

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