Grounding Mookaite Jasper Talisman Connecting to the Earth and Ancestry


The endlessly variable jasper stone is not only a beauty to the eye, but also is a very powerful mineral to use in meditation, occult rituals and healing ceremonies.

Jasper’s long history is quite fascinating.

Each kind of jasper has its own particular uses and history, but all of them share the same base.

Grounding Mookaite Jasper Talisman Connecting to Earth and Ancestry

Since ages this crystal is used as a talisman and utilized to heal people since the beginning of times.

Evidence of usage of jasper was found by civilizations in every corner of the world.

Ancient priests, shamans and gurus used jasper as a crystal to be safe from harm, while transitioning between the spiritual and physical world.

In Egyptian pharaonic tombs, engraved jasper, with passages from the Book of the Dead, was buried with the dead, insure safety on the afterlife journey.

Seals and talismans were commonly carved in jasper, just like religious and astrological engravings were registered into this rock.

To the native Americans known as “the rain bringer”, using these opaque stones to find water or to predict rainfalls.

It is believed that this crystal was used as the twelfth stone on the Jewish High Priest’s breastplate. The Apostle Peter’s name supposedly also derived from ‘Jasper’.

Grounding Jasper Talisman Connecting to the Earth and Ancestry

Being a variety of quartz mineral, Jasper generally is categorized as chalcedonic, however it could be classified as a different due to its grainy structure.

The Ancient Greek gave the stone its name jasper, meaning”spotted stone” due to huge variety of color patterns.

Also called the ‘Supreme Nurturer’ in ancient times due to its healing, comforting and empowering vibrational energy. Jasper slow vibration is in sync with the Earth’s electromagnetic energies, making the crystal always grounding, balancing, soothing and stabilizing. These abilities even tend to inspire people to be giving and supportive of others, so is told.

Groundly Mookaite Jasper Talisman Connecting to the Earth and Ancestry

The ‘Mookaite’ jasper used in this talisman, has shades of red rose and pink, is marbled with brown, cream, tan or white bands. The pink Jasper was excavated at Mooka Creek, Australia, where it’s the Aboriginal Mother Earth gemstone.

Often requested for usage in rituals connecting to previous lives and to communicate with ancestors.

Grounding Mookaite Jasper Talisman Connecting to Ancestors

This large pink cabochon cut Jasper’s spiritual and mystical properties are used for strengthening one’s spiritual awareness and experiencing the sacred connection between all life in nature. It is an positive gemstone that helps seeing the good in others and finding harmonious balance and peace of mind.

Set within this imposing, yet delicate ring, made by Javanese artisans, this amulet surely contributes to a positive outlook on life and a more spiritual inner self.

The mantra below, typically matching this talisman, can be recited for extra enhancement of this Jewel

Om Dhara Dharayei Namaha OM Dharayei Namaha OM Bhu Devyei Namaha

Om and salutations to Divine Mother who is the support of the earth. OM and salutations to Divine Mother who is the Earth. Honouring Mother Earth as the goddess she is.

balancing  Mookaite Jasper Talisman Connecting to the Earth and Ancestry

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