Green Mystic Belt with Sacred White Cloth Inside


The green belt is made from high-quality fabric. Though from the outside it seems like an ordinary belt, yet it contains an unusual sacred element hidden within. At the rear side of the belt there is a black zipper, which conceals a sacred white cloth with magical spells written on it. The belt as a whole is consecrated by the powerful mystics of Banten, a province in West Java commonly praised for its authentic Islamic magic tradition.

Green Mystic Belt

Furthermore, Banten is world famous for its pencak silat fighters. Indeed, since time immemorial the Javanese silat warriors are feared for their miraculous powers of invincibility. This traditional image of the bold remains valid to this day, for they are considered to possess extraordinary skills of kanuragan and kadigdayaan. However, many practitioners use various kinds of mystical objects to acquire the powers of invulnerability and invincibility. Thus, it is believed, that the ritually empowered waist belt is highly effective for this particular purpose.

Green Mystic Belt - rear view

The Arabic spells that are written on the white cloth within the green mystic belt are composed according ancient magic formulas of Islamic magic. Thus, the lineage of the Muslim masters from Banten holds the key to occult wisdom, which is applied to ensure safety and to provide protection, as well as to evade dangers. For this reason, the green mystic belt with its sacred white cloth can be considered an invaluable item in regard to its mystical properties. Also, since this talisman is properly blessed according authentic Indonesian mystical tradition, it is a must-have for every devout practitioner of pencak silat and/or ritual magic.

Green Mystic Belt with Sacred White Cloth Inside

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