Deep Dark Green Moss Agate Crystal embodied by a Fairy-like Spirit boosting Productivity and Spontaneity


The natural dark green crystal is found in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Moss agate is a unique gemstone in the sense that – to the layperson – it looks a lot like an emerald, while others perhaps might confuse it with aventurine. While agate normally has distinctive banded layers, the moss variety lacks these features. Instead, the semi-precious stone has green inclusions, which branched form indeed resembles the natural features of moss.

Kalimantan Agate Gemstone

Indonesian agates, particularly moss agate gemstones from Kalimantan, embody the vibration of divine energy. For this reason, then, it is considered a sacred crystal in Indonesia. Furthermore, moss agate is surrounded by folklore. It is believed that the green gem is in fact a transcendent embodiment of a fairy-like nature spirit. As an highly advanced spiritual being, the female spirit is said to be able to shift shapes at will.

Indonesian Moss Agate Ring

People who are under a lot of pressure – either due to work-related stress or stress at home – can find in this stone plenty of resources for combating stress and anxiety. As a result, wearing this ring boosts one’s productivity and spontaneity. Its mystical properties, therefore, can be deployed in business and commercial endeavors. Also, the magical stone has beneficial effects in regard to love, sex and relationships.

Sacred Green Moss Agate Crystal Amulet

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