Lavish Golden Badar Besi Amulet infused with the Magical Power of a Khodam Spirit


These days the highly sought-after badar besi stones seem to become increasingly difficult to find, due to the many fakes and imitations that circulate the amulet market today. And even if one does find a genuine piece, one often will be disappointed to learn that it did not undergo any consecration ritual whatsoever. Unlike in Banten Province, however, where there are still some adapt masters around, who not only possess but also actively practice the magical arts they inherited from their spiritual ancestors.

Golden Badar Besi Amulet

Indeed, by and large, the holy caves in Banten are considered to be the sacred birthplace of some of the most exquisite badar besi stones in the world. Also, whether it is obtained as a natural rock or shaped into a polished stone, the local senior mystics make sure that the badar besi are always properly empowered according to ancient mystical tradition. Their special ritual blessing, then, renders badar besi as genuine amulets and talismans of the highest degree.

Extremely Rare Gold Badar Besi Stone

The mystical stone’s golden hue indicates its superiority in terms of both beauty and rarity compared to most other, more common forms of Indonesian badar besi. And as fitting for exclusive gemstones, it is polished into a beautiful, dome-shaped cabochon, thereby revealing the richness of sacred minerals in which the stone’s housing khodam spirit dwells. By rubbing the stone while chanting the mantra below, the owner of the amulet can call upon the mystic khodam spirit for help with worldly affairs as well as spiritual matters, varying from relationship problems and career opportunities, to developing psychic powers like clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Precious Badar Besi Spirit Stone from a Sacred Banten Cave

Mantra for Golden Badar Besi Stone Amulet

Bismillāhi Raḥmāni Raḥīm

Kun Kuna Nabi Wuri

Sir Rasaning Besi

Rasa Nyataning Baja

Cipta Wujude Karsa

Sukma Jati Wasesa

Besi Baja Padha Leburna

Mas Intan Besi Baja Lebur Ajur Ler Lemes

Lebur Larut

Larut Lebur Ana Ing Raga

Magical Indonesian Spirit-Bound Badar Besi Mustika Gemstone

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