Genuine Goat Rawhide Amulet Empowered with Handwritten Magic Formulas to Increase Love and Attraction


This unique amulet of Indonesian origin is made from genuine goat rawhide. True and authentic amulets of this kind are indeed hard to find. Only one of this goat skin amulet is made in this particular model, making it an extremely rare amulet. It is handmade from the highest quality rawhide material available in Java. Due to the fact that the rawhide is in mint condition, the amulet is therefore remarkably supple. It can even be folded up without damaging the amulet or leaving fold marks.

Genuine Goat Rawhide with Sacred Spells

Thus, its practical features allow the owner to wear the amulet wherever s/he may want to go. For instance, the goat rawhide can be folded up and placed inside a talismanic belt to wear the amulet around one’s waist. Alternatively, the amulet can be stored in a pocket, bag, or case. It is, however, not strictly necessary to carry the amulet along in order to be able to benefit from the mystical properties of the ritually consecrated goat rawhide talisman. On the contrary, it is also possible to store the amulet at home, where it can be hung on to the wall, or folded up and placed on a specific place or room in the house.

Genuine Goat Rawhide with Sacred Islamic Magical Spells

The genuine goat rawhide amulet is inscribed with several different types of Islamic love spells. All of the magical formulas and geometric designs are neatly arranged according the main principles of ritual magic as practised in Indonesian mystical tradition. In addition to the Arabic spells, the rawhide amulet features sophisticated numerology patterns which are calculated using the Islamic calendar in combination with traditional Javanese astrology.

Genuine Goat Rawhide Amulet from Indonesia

One can use this amulet to enhance one’s physical appearance in the eyes of people from either the same or opposite sex. The powerful Islamic love spells can help to attract sexual attention, thereby arousing the targeted person’s interest in you. When the magic spells are targeted at a specific person, he or she will become enchanted by the owner of the amulet. As a result, the enchanted person will become fascinated with you, meaning that he or she cannot stop thinking of you.

Genuine Goat Rawhide Talisman with Sacred Islamic Geometric Designs

Though the genuine goat rawhide amulet with its powerful Islamic love spell inscriptions is empowered with potential powers of increased attraction, yet this mystical object should always be used in a morally accepted manner. The temptation of using a powerful amulet like this to fulfill one’s sensual desires can easily lead to committing unwholesome deeds of sexual misconduct such as adultery and fornication. Hence, a certain degree of moral responsibility is required of the person using this amulet.

Sacred Indonesian Amulet made from Genuine Goat Rawhide

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