Glass Vial Amulet filled with Charming Oil extracted from Ritual Flower Offerings


The liquid floral mixture consist of various kinds of tropical flowers commonly used by the Javanese and Balinese for ritual offerings. This includes fragrant flowers such as white jasmine, yellow magnolia, tuberosa, and others. Moreover, all of the ingredients, including sacred powders (obtained from holy places and objects) and medicinal herbs, are picked and plucked by the hands of the dukun himself.

Mystical Potion imbued with Occult Powers

The potion owes its magical power not only to the sacred ingredients but also to the mystical incantations that were chanted by the master during the rite of consecration. Indeed, in doing so, the essential oil has been imbued with occult powers. Although no written spells (either on paper or metal scrolls) are inserted to the bottle, the accompanying sacred utterances were recited aloud in order to transmit the mantra’s metaphysical energy directly to the oil via the breath of the dukun.

Magical Oil Amulet

A tiny drop of this blessed oil can be anointed either on one’s own body or that of someone else. Alternatively, it can also be applied to material objects if they are relevant to the goal(s) one is aiming for. For instance, a merchant could anoint some on the goods s/he is trying to sell, whereas a writer might want to rub a little oil on the back of his or her pen. When the amulet is used primarily as a charm for the purpose of attraction, then it should be applied directly on the skin of the forehead, the eyebrows, or the hair on one’s head.

Indonesian Talisman Bottle with Essential Oil

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