Gigantic Sacred Silver-hued Badar Besi Stone Talisman empowered according to Traditional Banten Magic Method


Generally, golden and silver badar besi stones are the rarest variants of this mystical amulet. Many legends surround the sacred elemental, telling us about the miraculous supernatural powers these amulets are believed to possess. According to the renowned dukuns living in Banten, West Java, genuine badar besi serves as a vessel for benevolent jinn, dhêmit, khodam and other spirits, dwelling in Java’s mountainous areas. However, such highly evolved celestial entities can only be seen and spoken to by means of a person’s psychic abilities.

Exquisite Silver Variant of Badar Besi in Mint Condition

Thus, the spiritually gifted masters of Banten are able to summon the spiritual beings that reside in these holy caves, allowing them to communicate with the forces of the unseen. After the dukun has invoked the spirit through the magical power of incantations, he then presents it with lofty ritual offerings. It is therefore of utmost importance that one has received initiation from a learned master, otherwise one will not be able to perform the ritual properly. Only when he conducts all the ceremonial rites according to tradition will the spirit respond to his invocation, and give its consent to let the master bind him to the badar besi talisman.

Jumbo-sized Silver Badar Besi Stone with Potent Spiritual Power

Due to the inhabiting spirit, the inherently sacred mineral compounds, as well as the proper empowerment, the unusually large, silver-hued badar besi gemstone is thoroughly imbued with metaphysical energy. Such combination of magic and aesthetics is what sets this piece apart from any other mystical object. The owner, then, can utilize the stone’s mystical properties for both mundane and supramundane purposes, as the mystic khodam spirit can help fulfill one’s wishes related to professional, personal, or spiritual development.

Mystical Indonesian Silver Badar Besi Mustika Gemstone

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