Ghostly Spirit Oil Amulet wrapped in Sacred Prayer Thread


In Indonesia necromancy generally refers to various dark arts practised by dukuns (sorcerers). Aside from guna-guna (witchcraft), however, necromantic rites do not necessarily have anything to do with black magic. Indeed, there are also necromancers who conduct rituals merely for the purpose of divination; i.e., to call upon spirits for someone who is in need of help and assistance regarding worldly manners. It was for this reason that the ghostly spirit was summoned, which thereupon obeyed the master’s command to inhabit the magical oil.

Necromantic Potion

Once the spiritual entity agreed to enter the bottle, the magician then recited a spellbinding formula to prevent the spirit from leaving the amulet on its own accord. At the same time he wrapped the amulet in a sacred prayer thread, thereby sealing the empowerment of the magic potion. Next, in order to appease the inhabiting khodam, some sacred herbs were inserted to the bottle as well. After that a special cap was placed on the mouth of the flask.

Magical Oil with Sacred Praying Thread

Please note that the cap should not be removed from the bottle, or else the spirit will be set free and may cause it to run amok. Likewise, it is strongly recommended to leave the magic cord intact as well, because unbinding it will allow the ghostly spirit to escape from the amulet. Since the vial has to be kept as is (i.e. closed) this also means that the oil itself is not intended to be used by means of rubbing, sprinkling or similar application to the human body. Thus, this mystical item first and foremost serves as an animist love potion that can be carried on one’s person or placed in one’s home.

Indonesian Animist Oil Amulet

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