Genuine Saffron Oil for Cleaning Keris Blades


Pure saffron flower oil for regular cleaning of your keris blades. This traditional pusaka oil has a rich fragrance, that keeps your valuable tosan aji blades in good condition, and attaches a pleasant natural smell of fragrant saffron flowers to your pusaka items.

The bottle is sealed with plastic, thereby providing the guarantee of authenticity of this item. Each bottle contains 100% pure saffron oil. Saffron is widely known for its powerful herbal healing qualities, which are often used as an alternative treatment of asthma and coughing. Similarly, pusaka collectors from all over the world have been using saffron oil for cleaning their kerises with. Likewise, it is believed, that anointing the blade of a keris with this special kind of oil, will have a healing effect on the khodam spirit that resides within the keris.

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