Genuine Javanese Golden Deer Skin Blessed by Mbah Joyo


This extraordinary and luxurious Indonesian amulet is made by an authentic Javanese dukun, Mbah Joyo, whose mystical objects are highly sought after by serious collectors of sacred ritual art from Southeast Asia. All of Mbah Joyo’s amulets and talismans are carefully constructed using ancient sacred formulas of Indonesian Islamic magic. Thus, Mbah Joyo performed a lengthy consecration ritual to empower the large Javanese golden deer skin with powerful mystical properties to enhance one’s spiritual practice. This makes the animal skin very suitable to perform one’s practices of ritual worship with. It thus can be used as a ritual prayer rug or prayer mat (Arabic: sajjada). Likewise, the consecrated deer skin can enhance concentration, thereby improving one’s meditation practice. This is, therefore, an incredibly rare opportunity to obtain a true mystical object of tremendously sacred value.

Javanese Golden Deer Skin by Mbah Joyo

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