Genuine Indonesian Solomonic Jumbo Taweez with Turbo Magic Power for Evermore Provisions


Released in a special jumbo edition, this large taweez is a prime example of contemporary Indonesian Islamic material art holding true spiritual value. The mystical object is made by hand, using genuine deerskin from Rembang in East Java. There it has also been properly blessed by a local dukun of repute, who consecrated the amulet with powerful magical incantations written in Arabic.

Islamic Magic Jumbo Locket

As can be seen from the pictures above and below, the hand-made talisman features several ancient Solomonic spells. These are all designed to attract the best of luck, to repel unwholesome influences, to multiply one’s riches, leading to evermore provisions. The jumbo locket fits well in one’s pocket, but can also be carried along in a bag or purse, if preferred. Another option is to store the sacred item in a special place in one’s residence or office, depending on the owner’s individual needs.

Indonesian Jumbo Taweez

Mantra for Genuine Indonesian Solomonic Jumbo Taweez

Bismillāhi raḥmāni raḥīm (3x)

Allahumma in dakhola fi shuroti Sulaymana minal masyriqi wal maghribi lidzatihi wa quwwatihi wa Jabro ‘ila wa’Azro ‘ila wa Mulki Sulaymana minal masyriqi wal maghribi jinnan wa insan wa rihan wa ghomamam wa sallama tasliman jalla jalaluhu ya Iblisasy Syaithona fi zhulumati wan nur.

Robbana taqobbal Sulaymanabni Dawuda alaihimas salam birohmatika ya arhamar rohimin.

Mystical Muslim Taweez in Jumbo Size

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