Garuda Humanoid Bird’s Claw Pendant holding a Sacred Rhodonite Crystal Bead that Stimulates Spiritual Growth and Personal Development


The rose-pink bead contained within the stainless steel pendant is a rhodonite crystal. Its attractive pink appearance has beautiful black lines of manganese oxide running through it. Upon discovering the gemstone, people referred to rhodonite as “the eagle stone” due to the many eagles that were spotted in the area. The birds were reportedly seen carrying the crystals in their claws, bringing them to their nests to help the mother eagle hatch her eggs. Thus, it has been suggested that the gem has natural healing powers which provide nourishment and stimulate growth.

Stainless Steel Garuda Pendant with Gemstone

Garuda (Sanskrit: garuḍa) is a humanoid bird in Indonesian Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The mythical creature protects the world and its inhabitants against the Naga (Sanskrit: nāga) serpents from the underworld. In this context rhodonite can also be considered the naga’s eggs, which get stolen by the Garuda in order to prevent the serpents from being born into this world, thereby maintaining cosmic law and order (Sanskrit: dharma).

Mythical Bird Claw holding a Mystical Stone

The mystical stone serves as a talisman for protection that prevents the wearer from suffering harm or injury. This also includes the amulet’s ability to dispel emotional pain and suffering; owing to the dukun‘s additional blessing of the gemstone, the pendant helps to clear the mind of negative influences, such as feelings of anger, hatred, jealousy, despair, and anguish. Its inherent magical quality thus brings about spiritual growth and personal development, allowing one to live in peace and harmony with oneself.

Magical Indonesian Rhodonite Crystal Amulet

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