Floral Potion enabling Smooth Social Interaction and Friendly Relationships


Social interaction with co-workers, friends and family members does not always run as smoothly as we would like it to be. Sometimes a lack of love and understanding can cause problems in one’s personal relationships. Problematic relations often prevent one to thrive in both social and professional areas in life. Therefore, the floral potion has been made to help avoid quarrels and fights with others. The subtle scent of the magic flower oil has a soothing effect on the wearer and his or her direct environment. This means that the magical potion has the ability to calm down heated debates and discussions, thereby successfully preventing the situation from escalating into further arguments.

Floral Potion

However, there is more to this particular Indonesian amulet than a preventive defense mechanism alone, for indeed, its mystical properties also have the power to transform unwholesome qualities into wholesome ones; i.e., turning hostile people into friendly persons. And so, malevolence will be converted into benevolence, as the inherent magical quality of the oil endows with the wearer with compassion and mercy. Consequently, s/he will experience a flourishing social life.

Magical Flower Oil

To use the oil for general attraction and mercy, one should anoint a few drops on one’s eyebrows or forehead. It can be used both by men and women. If one rather wants to use this talisman to improve family ties, then it is recommended to place the small bottle somewhere inside the house (in the living room, for example). Similarly, if one is looking to improve social and professional relationships with one’s employer or fellow workers, then it is advised to anoint some of the oil before leaving the house and heading to the office, or one could bring the bottle along and place it somewhere in the workplace where one usually meets the other colleagues (e.g. cantine, meeting room, conference hall).

Indonesian Love Potion

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