Fivefold Colored Pancawarna Jasper Gemstone Ring ritually consecrated by the Power of Five Guardian Spirits


Multi-colored gemstones are valued in general. However, in Indonesia, the so-called pancawarna (panca: five; warna: color) is a very special stone in its own right. As the name already suggests, this particular gem can be distinguished by a unique combination of five different colors. The one featured in this talismanic ring has a fivefold set of natural, earthy colors, namely: green, brown, yellow, grey/white, and purple.

Pancawarna Stone Talisman

A high-quality amulet of this calibre is appropriately studded with no less than twelve zirconia stones on both sides of the ring. In addition, between the zirconia, the ring is treated with a yellow copper coating. The talismanic ring’s colorful palette is therefore considered aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, its harmonious appearance certainly does not go unnoticed by the keen amulet collector’s eyes.

Five Colored Jasper Gemstone Ring

Just like magical badar besi stones, jasper gems like this pancawarna variant are incredibly potent amulets for protection and commanding power. This means that the ring can be worn by corporate professionals, political leaders, and businessmen alike. Furthermore, the mystical stone is ritually consecrated by the power of five guardian spirits (Javanese: sadulur kalima pancer) which help induce loving-kindness in others through the wearer’s enhanced charisma and credibility. For more information about these mystic spirits, please refer to our ebook: ‘The Kejawen Teachings: Personal Guardian Spirits’.

Authentic Javanese Jasper Amulet with Zirconia Stones

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