Exotic Caribbean Larimar Gemstone in Blue Volcanic Color set in Balinese Gold-plated Silver Ring


Larimar is a type of volcanic rock composed of blue pectolite. The blue variety of the (silicate) pectolite mineral is found only in the Dominican Republic on the exotic island of Hispaniola. Locals believe the gem came from the sea as a gift from the Divine. Indeed, the Stefilia’s Stone (another name for this rare mineral) was discovered on a tropical beach on the eastern part of the island. The light hue of the gemstone resembles the blue color of the water of the Caribbean Sea.

Exotic Caribbean Larimar Gemstone

The opaque gem has been cut and polished as a domed cabochon, and mounted on a gold-plated silver ring. There is a traditional Balinese flower motif on engraved on the exterior surface, creating a very unique combination of styles in a single piece of jewelry. Moreover, this creative setting cleverly enhances the contrast between the blue hue of the Larimar and the yellow golden color of the ring.

Blue Volcanic Larimar Gem

Furthermore, considering its volcanic origins as well as the stone’s sea-like patterns, Larimar is believed to be composed of two elements, namely water and fire. The water element within the Atlantis Stone (alternative name for Larimar) occurs in its cardinal state (i.e., liquid), while the fire element is manifested in its mutable state (heat). Hence, wearing the ring is said to yield both physical and spiritual benefits to people born under the astrological sign of Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn (cardinal signs) or Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo (mutable signs).

Balinese Gold-plated Silver Ring with Stefilia's Stone

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