Exclusive Javanese Sorcerer’s Deerskin Amulet for Ever-Growing Affluence


The large and exclusive deerskin amulet is a pristine example of traditional Javanese sorcery; not just because of the genuine Javan deer skin from which it is made, but also mainly because of the powerful incantations of authentic Indonesian Islamic magic that were performed during the consecration of the amulet. In addition, the hand-written spells on the exterior surface of the deerskin amulet are aimed at ever-growing affluence, thereby blessing the owner with abundance of money, property, and other material goods. This means that this mystical object works at its best when it is used for professional and commercial purposes (e.g. business success, financial gain, luck increase).

Exclusive Javanese Sorcerer's Deerskin Amulet

However, besides the magical quality of affluence and opulence this occult item is endowed with various other mystical properties as well, such as the ability to improve one’s social life through the amulet’s inherent powers of enhanced charisma and attraction. Though it is also possible to use these favorable powers in a slightly different way, namely to induce feelings of love and affection in someone. This can be achieved by directing the incantations embedded into the sacred deerskin amulet toward the person whose attention you wish to attract. The targeted person will thus be persuaded to approach you. Apart from persuasion and seduction, the amulet is known to induce wholesome qualities of mercy and compassion in the hearts of people around you.

Exclusive Javanese Sorcerer's Deerskin Amulet for Ever-growing Affluence

This is the premium edition of the exclusive Javanese sorcerer’s deerskin amulet, which has been released as a jumbo-sized taweez. Indeed, this sacred item was made using top-quality materials (including several secret contents concealed within the amulet) to carry undeniably strong powers of true Indonesian magic. Considering its large dimensions (22.3 x 2.1 x 0.3 cm) it is probably best (for the sake of convenience) to place the amulet on one’s altar or shrine at home or in the office. Though it should be noted, that, if one wants to unlock the amulet’s full potential, then it is advised to carry it in one’s pocket, bag, etc. as this will unleash its hidden (=occult) powers of protection (from danger) and evasion (of potential disaster), which might come in handy when one is away from home.

Authentic Javan Deerskin Talismanic Scroll

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