Exclusive Agate Mustika Gemstone Ring featuring Natural Image of a Kalimantan Honey Bear


Indonesian agate mustika gemstones come in many shapes and sizes, each stone being different and unique in its own right. Yet of all the varieties of agate gems there are a few that clearly stand out from the rest. Particularly agate stones with natural images in them are classed as a rare cryptocrystalline. Indeed, this type of semi-precious stone is immensely popular due to its highly unusual fineness of grain and brightness of color, thereby creating an evidently visible contrast between chalcedony and other minerals. Among the visual aspects that are often associated with high-quality agates, one of the most prominent is a featured image in the likeness to a particular symbol, character, or animal.

Mystical Bear Face Agate Gemstone

Since agate is a form of chalcedony quartz, this means that its remarkable color and texture is formed in concentric layers. Most agates, however, are rough and dull in nature. Yet if the rough stone is properly sliced and polished, its unique banding patterns and color will emerge, thereby transforming the agate from its native state into a colorful gemstone. Evidently, the presence of a particular image enhances the visual aspect of the mineral substance significantly. Moreover, aesthetic quality directly influences the stone’s value.

Bear's Face Mustika Gemstone

Owing to the clarity of this agate mineral, one can easily recognize the face of a Malayan sun bear (Lat. Helarctos Malayanus, also known as the “honey bear”) on the exterior surface of the stone. The honey bear is considered a sacred animal by the Dayak people living in Kalimantan, Indonesia. According to the animistic belief system of the Dayaks, the bear holds supernatural powers that cause the animal to be feared and avoided by many. Hence it is believed that the wearer of this exclusive agate mustika gemstone ring will be endowed with the magical qualities of the Kalimantan honey bear. As a result, wearing the ring will enhance one’s power, leadership, authority, respect, and charisma, while at the same time also protecting the wearer from his or her enemies.

Mystical Agate Gemstone featuring Natural Image of a Bear - comes with Titanium Ring

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