Enigmatic Handbook of Mystic Khodam Spirit Communications


Traditional Javanese mysticism has a large pantheon of spirits. Though there are many kinds of spirits and entities, there only two main categories; namely jinn and khodam. The former is a spirit of Arabian folklore, whereas the latter is a celestial being of Indonesian Islamic origin. However, neither jinn nor khodam spirits must be confused with ghosts or phantoms, for indeed, they are two completely separate types of beings. Mystic khodam spirits are believed to reside in the higher planes of existence (i.e. the heavens), while ghosts and demons dwell in the underworld.

Enigmatic Handbook of Mystic Khodam Spirit Communications

Hence, a khodam is considered an angelic being, and as such the spirit’s inherent qualities of mind and character are characterized by or resulting from benevolence toward humans. This enigmatic handbook, then, allows for the summoning of mystic spirits according proper methods of ancient occult tradition. The handbook is comprised of sixteen pages with handwritten magical incantations enabling spirit communications. Apart from the sacred spells, the handbook itself underwent an additional empowerment. As a result of the consecration ritual, the rawhide material is effectively charged with powerful mystical properties.

Enigmatic Handbook of Mystic Khodam Spirits

Thus, the amulet serves multiple purposes. Indeed, there is a wide variety of choices when asking for help from mystic khodam spirits. It is possible to communicate with these angelic beings through the magical power of this amulet, thereby requesting their help with whatever one’s heart may desire (e.g. love, attraction, charisma, authority, job promotion, salary increase, windfall, etc.). The enigmatic handbook, however, can be used both proactively as well as passively, meaning that if one does not speak nor read Arabic the amulet still can be carried for several other purposes, including protection from black magicians and evil spirits.

Enigmatic Handbook of Mystic Spirits

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