Empowered Metal Muslim Taweez engraved with the Holy Quranic Verse of the Throne in Sacred Arabic Script


This authentic Indonesian Islamic taweez is an empowered pendant for Muslims. It is engraved with Arabic lettering in the form of a holy Quranic verse; i.e., “Āyat-ul-Kursī”. In English it is better known as the ‘Verse of the Throne’, or ‘Throne Verse’. From the entire Qur’ān Ayat al-Kursi is believed to be among the foremost verses, if not the single most important Message from the Divine mysteriously revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Muhammad received the words that make up the Throne Verse as part of a larger revelation during The Farewell Pilgrimage in Medina. Indeed, after having successfully migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (later renamed to Medina), surah Al-Baqara (“The Cow”) – the second and largest chapter of the Noble Qur’ān – was revealed to Muhammad. And the 255th verse of this chapter comprises Ayatul Kursi.

Muslim Metal Taweez

A senior Muslim master of Indonesian mysticism in Banten Province has consecrated the taweez, using a long series of Islamic du’a (supplications) in Arabic. In this way, God willing, the wearer shall remain untouched by evil of all sorts, including the dirty tricks played by malicious jinn. Furthermore, the master’s blessing of the amulet also empowers one with additional magical powers, resulting in increased authority, leadership, respect, trust, and credibility. Hence the person wearing the necklace is able to improve his or her social status as well as to boost one’s financial success rapidly.

Islamic Pendant with Quranic Verse

The sacred metal taweez comes with a cord so that the amulet can be worn as a necklace, if desired. Also, this blessed talisman can be worn by both men and women. However, the wearer should avoid carrying this item on one’s person when visiting certain places, like the bathroom, nightclubs, etc. This is to prevent potential diminishing of its mystical power due to exposure to particular places that are associated with uncleanliness or impurity.

Indonesian Locket with Arabic Spells

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