Empowered Herbal Oil offering Outstanding Magical Aptitude for Learning and Understanding


The empowered herbal oil from Kalimantan, Indonesia, is a mystical potion that offers people practical aid to enhance their learning abilities. Various indigenous herbs and plants with medicinal qualities have been used to create a powerful concoction which allows its wearer to gain intellectual knowledge and wisdom rapidly in short periods of time. Consequently, the person using this oil will have an aptitude for energizing his or her study, thereby significantly increasing the chance at passing the test.

Indonesian Herbal Oil Amulet for Students

Prior to the actual studying of the theory, one should first perform ablution or ritual washing of the body (Arabic: wuḍūʾ). Next, a few drops of the consecrated oil should be anointed to one’s forehead or eyebrows, using the right thumb. Then, with both eyes shut, one focuses the mind on the spot where one has anointed the oil, while being conscious of the cool and refreshing sensation as the metaphysical energies within the potion gradually enter the skin. After that one may open the eyes again and proceed with the study task itself.

Occult Flask containing Sacred Oil infused with Magical Spells

It soon becomes clear to the person that real progress is being made not just in terms of learning, but perhaps more importantly, also in regard to direct understanding of the theory at hand. Indeed, owing to the potent power of the oil’s ability to increase one’s concentration, one will feel a strong inclination to study the material, even if it initially does not seem to be a topic of personal interest. Thus, by gaining deep insight, s/he automatically develops advanced analytical skills and eventually also comes to acquire proficiency in his or her field of research.

Potent Magic Potion with Islamic Paper Spells

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