Elongated Talisman for Overcoming Obstacles with Sacred Spells to Exterminate Evil and Misfortune


A piece of sacred white cloth was used to fashion the fabric into an elongated talisman. Various kinds of sacred spells are written along the surface of the sacred cloth, thereby effectively removing evil energies and inauspicious influences. Therefore, through the power of the inherent mystical properties, the elongated talisman can help the owner overcoming obstacles in life, as well as easing pain and bringing relief from hardships.

Elongated Talisman

Also, the talisman has been empowered with Islamic incantations to protect the wearer from ghosts, spirits and demons. During the consecration ritual various occult invocations were performed which will render the evil works of any sorcerer or black magician harmless. Besides evasion of danger, this mystical object further can bring an end to one’s misfortune. Indeed, manifold blessings to improve one’s fate and fortune were added to the talisman. Thus, this talisman is endowed with the magical ability to accurately assess dangerous situations and turn them to one’s advantage.

Elongated Talisman with Sacred Spells

The elongated shape allows the talisman to be tied to a belt so as to wear it around the waist. Though if one is facing danger at home, or when negative energies are present in or near one’s residence, then the talisman should be hung on one of the walls inside the house/apartment/etc., preferably near the entrance. This will keep evil influences away whilst at the same time attracting auspicious blessings toward the resident(s) of that particular place.

Elongated Talisman with Magical Spells

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