Egg-shaped Mustika Stone featuring Arabic Engravings covered in Sacred Earth


This mustika stone has an egg-shaped form with sacred spell inscriptions in Arabic covered around the exterior surface of the amulet. Since the amulet had been buried under the ground in a special burial place for a considerable period of time, it therefore features visible traces of sacred earth. The egg-shaped mustika stone was stored in the burial ground near a local mosque. This particular place was chosen because it is believed that the soil of the holy site is naturally charged with strong metaphysical energies.

Mustika Stone engraved with Sacred Arabic Lettering

Among the Arabic inscriptions on this mustika stone there are the ‘lafadz Allah’, ‘Allahu Akbar’, ‘lafadz Mohammed’ and several other Islamic formulas engraved. Hence, the sacred stone is empowered using the core teachings of Indonesian Islamic mystical tradition. In addition, there is a tiny mineral relic concealed within the mustika. The mineral relic makes a soft sound when shaking the stone.

Mustika Stone with Sacred Arabic Spell Inscriptions

This particular Indonesian mystical object serves as a magical means for protection and evasion of danger. It also can bring various auspicious phenomena into one’s home or residence, thereby providing the owner of the amulet with blessings of peace, harmony and good luck. Ideally, the mustika stone should be placed on one’s home altar or any other special place suitable for a consecrated item like this. For the rest it also possible to use the stone for improved spiritual practice; i.e. by holding it in one’s hand whilst practising meditation or performing ritual prayer. In this way, the mustika is believed to enhance one’s concentration, which helps to develop various kinds of supernatural abilities (e.g. telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.).

Mustika Stone engraved with Sacred Inscriptions in Arabic

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