Efficacious Magic Deerskin Charm with Javanese Islamic Spell Inscriptions to Multiply Riches and to Preserve Wealth


Magic charms made from deerskin are considered efficacious amulets due to the inherent mystical properties of the Javan deer. Though this animal’s skin already possesses great potential power of its own, yet the magical qualities can be even further enhanced through the use of Islamic spell inscriptions. However, unfortunately there are very few masters around who still make their amulets according ancient tradition; i.e., using only traditional materials, and given individual empowerment through the authentic consecration method. Obviously, only the most competent masters who spent years of practice in ritual magic of traditional Indonesian occultism and Islamic mysticism are believed to possess the supernatural power through which these natural materials (i.e. deerskin) can be turned into such sacred item.

Genuine Javan Deerskin Locket

Although only a few selected masters have inherited the ancient esoteric teachings directly from their forefathers, they nevertheless successfully managed to preserve the occult practices of Javanese mystical tradition. Yet, at the same time, the limited number of adept masters is one of the main reasons why authentic Javanese charms and talismans are extremely hard to find today. Moreover, genuine Javan deerskin is increasingly difficult to obtain in contemporary Indonesia. Therefore any amulet made from this sacred material can be considered a rarity, serving as medium for preservation of indigenous Indonesian metaphysical knowledge for future generations.

Genuine Javanese Deer Skin Locket

However, this amulet first and foremost offers an expedient means that helps the owner gain enormous wealth by multiplication of riches. And, once obtained, the newly acquired profits will be protected by the magical power of the Islamic spells. In this way, all one’s money is safely secured, so that, at any time, one can reduce or even prevent losses. Indeed, the efficacious magic deerskin charm can also be used for preservation of wealth. Because of this, the amulet is particularly helpful in commercial and business-related activities, as well as entertainment activities (e.g. gambling, lottery).

Authentic Javan Deerskin Amulet

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