Effective Crime-stopping Taweez for Personal Safety


This original Muslim taweez is empowered with magical crime-stopping formulas to help protect the wearer in dangerous situations and unsafe circumstances. Due to a unique combination of sacred spells, the locket offers a preemptive tactic against a ruthless villains. And so, this mystical object provides an effective way to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime. Its mystical properties help reducing risks whilst at the same time maintaining personal safety.

Effective Crime-stopping Taweez

The taweez is sewn in a green sacred cloth covered with Islamic mantras on either side. Besides sacred lettering, the rear face of the amulet also features an Islamic occult table of auspicious Arabic numbers. This set of numbers is carefully constructed using metaphysical calculations to create a magical shield of protection. In this way, a barrier is made of mystical energies to protect the wearer from attacks or intrusions as a means of containment. As this creates a most powerful force field, the taweez can therefore prevent crime effectively.

Effective Crime-stopping Taweez for Personal Safety

An amulet of this kind is not just for women alone, for indeed, it can be used by anyone who fears being intimidated or threatened by criminals or gangsters. Although violence in the streets can never be stopped completely, wearing this Indonesian Islamic locket significantly reduces the likelihood of criminal encounters. In addition, the taweez has the magical ability to avoid possible harm resulting from witchcraft, thereby rendering the evil works of black magicians useless.

Effective Crime-stopping Taweez for Protection

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