Dwarapala Tutelary Spirit Amulet from Sacred Powders and Ashes, including Talismanic Scroll


Dwarapala (Sanskrit: dvārapālā) is a Hindu-Buddhist tutelary deity. In traditional Indonesian temple architecture, a Dwarapala statue stands at the main entrance of the temple complex. Besides being the celestial gatekeeper of the sacred temple compound, the tutelary spirit is also the protector of the Dharma (cosmic law and order). As such, this particular asura demon is considered to be a most powerful guardian spirit.

Dwarapala Amulet

The image on the front side of the amulet is based on the design of the ancient Dwarapala andesite stone statue from the Javanese Hindu-Buddhist Singhasari period (1222–1292) in East Java, which is also the largest statue of its kind in Java. The amulet itself is handmade from various sacred powders and ashes. In addition, there is a talismanic scroll inserted to the rear side. The scroll is made from sacred brass, and it features several hand inscriptions, too. Furthermore, a stainless steel casing (optional) is available for this amulet, if desired.

Javanese Temple Guardian Spirit Amulet

Mantra for Dwarapala Tutelary Spirit Amulet

Oṃ Śaṃ Dvārapālāya Namaḥ

The mantra above should be recited daily, shortly after sunrise. In this way, the amulet can keep away the evil influences around the wearer. Moreover, the threatening appearance of the Dwarapala will undoubtedly strike terror in the hearts of the wicked. With his gigantic mace or club the Dwarapala sweeps away disaster and misfortune, thereby guarding in service of the owner of the amulet, while at the same time upholding justice in worldly affairs.

Indonesian Temple Gatekeeper Amulet

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