Divine Mercy Charm featuring Islamic Depiction of Prophet Noah (Nūḥ) with Ancient Hilal Symbol and Yā Sīn Spell


In Islam, the Prophet Noah (Arabic: Nūḥ) is considered one of the most important prophets of all. Indeed, a whole chapter of the Noble Qur’ān is dedicated to Noah; i.e., Sūrat Nūḥ (Quran:71). Furthermore, he is acknowledged as a trustworthy Messenger of God (Quran 26:107). It is believed that the prophet had lived 950 years until the Deluge started (Quran 29:14). The messenger had warned his people that they would face punishment if they rejected God’s Message. However, the leaders of his people saw Noah in plain error (Quran 7:60). Thus, the floods started and seized the people of Noah.

Sacred Brass Coin Amulet of Noah

Noah is depicted carrying a rod along with a bag of provisions over his right shoulder. In his left hand he holds a rosary. Also, the Islamic depiction of Prophet Noah on the front side of the sacred brass coin features the ancient hilal symbol; i.e. the star and crescent moon which represent an inherent symbol of Islam. In addition, the sacred Arabic letters Yā Sīn – “the Heart of the Qur’ān” (Quran:36) – are embossed on the rear side of the amulet, thereby forewarning of the fate of the disbelievers and wrongdoers.

Prophet Nuh Taweez

Thus, this particular Indonesian talisman serves as a divine mercy charm, which can be carried on one’s person or placed at home. Besides inducing blessings of mercy, the charm’s inherent mystical properties are also aimed to improve one’s fate as well as to promote riches. And owing to the recitation of Sūrat Yā Sīn (Qur’ān:36) during the consecration ritual, the amulet has been empowered with magical qualities to protect the wearer from danger, averting evil forces, including black magic.

Indonesian Islamic Talisman of Prophet Noah

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