Dhapur Keris


Title: Dhapur Keris Kraton Surakarta

Author: GKP Harya Hadiwidjaja, 1920

Publisher: Yayasan DAMARTAJI (Persaudaraan Penggemar Tosan Aji), 1998

Language: Javanese with Romanized text

Dhapur Keris

As the title already suggests, this is a very useful book for examining keris dapurs. The book serves as a guidance on the various dapurs in existence, primarily, but not exclusively, to kerises from the Keraton Solo area. The many pictorial sketches in this book provide a clear distinction of the different types of dapur. Also, the Romanized text of the Javanese script will help you to recognize and distinguish the names of specific characteristic features of the dapurs mentioned in this book.

Dhapur Keris

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